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what is Defects of the Tricuspid Valve

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a) Tricuspid Atresia. This anomaly consists of complete absence of right atrioventricular orifice. In this condition there is atrophy of the right ventricle, hypertrophy of the left ventri­cle, and intense cyanosis. Survival is only possible if this anomaly is associ­ated with ASD and a patent ductus ar­teriosus.
b) Ebstein's Anomaly. In this malformation the tricuspid valve is dis­placed downward into the right ventri­cle and the valve cusp are attached to the ventricular wall. The dysfunctional
valve allows the blood to regurgitate ii) Transposition of the Great
into the right atrium. Arteries
 In about 5 of 10,000 live born in-iv) Defects of the Mitral Valve fants, the conotruncal septa develop
In mitral atresia the valve cusps but the aorticopulmonary septum fails
are completely fused to each other, to persue a spiral course. This pro-
The left ventricle js poorly developed duces transposition of great vessels, in
and an ASD is always present. which blood from left ventricle passes
 into   the   pulmonary  trunk,   whereas  blood from the right ventricle passes
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